3D Mouse with cap and ball
left Hand and right Hand 3D-Mouse

Design and Ergonomics

The SpaceController is designed, to provide an optimized construction process in conjunction with the 2D mouse. 

The curved form of the SpaceController reflects the natural hand positioning, which is supported by the wrist rest. 

The ergonomic design reflects the natural movement of the hand and ensures easy access to the most important keys and the PowerWheel. This maximum operating convenience is a major contributor to a fatigue-proof work.

Right and Left Handed Use

Our latest software allows you to use the SpaceController with your left hand as well as with your right hand.

Just select the 'Right Hand Mode' in our driver software and the LCD will rotate accordingly. You can now use the SpaceController with your right hand.



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3D Mouse SpaceController

Functional Principle 3D Mouse

3D Mouse
SpaceController with Cap or Ball

Unique! PowerWheel

3D Mouse PowerWheel

The silver wheel below the cap is unique in the range of 3D mice. It allows you to access your favorite functions quickly.


Cap or Ball

3D Mouse Cap or Ball

Do you prefer to work with a 3D mouse with a cap? 
Or do you prefer a ball to navigate through 3D space? With us you are able to choose your favourite navigation device, since the SpaceController is available in two versions: with cap and ball.

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3D Mouse SpaceController.

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Design and Ergonomics

The ergonomic design reflects the natural 
movement of the hand and ensures easy 
access to the most important keys and the 
PowerWheel

3D Mouse / Application List

Autodesk AutoCADAutodesk Inventor
PTC Creo Elements/ProSiemens NX
Solid Edge, SolidWorks, Google Earth
Actify Spinfire, CoCreate, ASCON Kompas 3D, 
Delcam FeatureCAM, Dlubal RSTAB, 
IronCAD, Mastercam, MegaCAD 
and many more...

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